Where there are futons, tatamis are not far. These traditional Japanese floor mats are composed of a rice straw core which is covered with a woven Igusagras mat, providing an excellent insulation against cold and creating a positive room atmosphere.


Tatami Standard (heigth approx. 4.5 cm) well suitable as a bed base for futons or horsehair-coconut mattresses.

Tatami High Quality (height approx. 5.5 cm) suitable to layout in the room and sufficiently stable to walk on. In a futon bed on a steady bed frame a preferable choice over Tatami Standard. 



Size                                   Standard                   High Quality                
90x90 cm  59,-€  82,-€
90x180 cm  98,-€ 125,-€
60x200 cm  98,-€ 125,-€
70x200 cm  98,-€ 125,-€
80x200 cm  98,-€ 125,-€
90x200 cm  98,-€ 125,-€
100x200 cm 106,€ 133,-€