Solid wood beds



This bed has a clear design language. The open structure of the backrest gives the bed a lightness, although it is made of solid construction. The surface is treated with pure vegetable oil. It is available in core beech and wild oak (= figure).



                                                mattress width  + 5 cm

mattress length  + 13 cm

head piece height 92 cm

bed height 40 cm

insertion depth 14 cm


The demonstration model in our store is made of European wild oak and 180 cm wide for 989, - €.




attracts by its "massive lightness" and excellent workmanship. Not only respectable and longlasting automobiles are made in the Czech Republic. This floating bed is available in core beech, wild oak and nut wood. With a dimension of 140x200 cm and crafted from solid wild oak it is only 1.319,- €. Standing in our shop: the family-bed in 200 x 200 cm!



                                                mattress width  + 6 cm

mattress length  + 14 cm

head piece height 88 cm

bed height 43 cm

insertion depth 17 cm



Relatively short delivery time of 4 weeks. The displayed model is from core beech and a 200 cm width costs 1.329,- €.




The classic from the Baltics by Vitamin Design. Light-footed and elegant, available in many woods and nuances. An amazing choice of light shades, e.g. withewashed oak, oiled knotty oak or whitewashed maple. In solid core beech VILLA for example it is available at 1.157,-€ in the dimensions 140x200 cm.



                                                mattress width  + 10 cm

mattress length  + 11 cm

head piece height 88 cm

bed height 43 cm

insertion depth up to 15 cm maximum



Alternate head piece crafted with rungs at an extra charge.

Insertion depth up to 15 cm optional.


The bed displayed in our shop is made of oak wood and is 140cm wide.



Futonbed P H A R A O


A Polish classic in the post-socialist era, suitable as a typical bed, combining a futon with a tatami or with a mattress. Choose between a 30 or 40 cm height. Modular, metal-free connecting system in solid elder wood, either pristine or dyed toxic-free. A steady model, easy to relocate. The bed on the foto from our shop is 120 cm width, 30 cm high,  in nature elder and costs 439,- € (without slatter)



mattress width  + 11 cm

mattress length  + 11 cm

bed height 30 or 40 cm

insertion depth 8 cm



                                                Extendable and upgradedable with a full backrest, or also with one or thwo single backrests. On

                                                the side a bedside table can be inserted. We have several bed widths in stock.

                                                Find out wich bed height suits you best! Test out both heights at our shop.




Futonbed B A S I C plus


A bed bringing this unique far Eastern feeling of sleeping to you. Manufactured by the same Polish carpenters, who also craft the poluar model Pharao. Available in solid elder wood, natural or dyed. The low frame height makes it a perfect match for laying on tatamis or futons. The futon bed in our store (160x200x28cm), elder in "cherry" is available for 669,- €



mattress width  + 18 cm

mattress length  + 18 cm

bed height 28 cm

insertion depth 9 cm



                                                Suitable for tatamis on rolling frames as well as on top of mattresses laying on rolling frames.

                                                Several sizes in stock. Test out our bed frame at our shop.






The bed looks exactly as every human would quickly draw a bed. So classic! The special feature of this bed is its height of 50 cm! It also offers different variants: with head and foot section, as we have it in the store, or with only a headboard or pure, without head and foot. Here in ash it is in an interesting grain, but there are many different woods to choose from, all are oiled purely vegetable.

Price example: in ash (see picture), at a size of 90 x 200 cm, the frame with head and foot costs 969,- €.



mattress width  + 10 cm

mattress length  + 10 cm

head piece height 78 cm

foot part height 65 cm

bed height 50 cm

insertion depth 18 cm



3 different variants to choose from and a high bed height of 50 cm!



Children B E D - H O U S E


Finally we also have a children bed! Our new bed by Salvador-Wood-Design from Poland invites children both to play and to sleep. In this bed-house made of solid alder, children feel comfortable, with blankets above they can immediately build a cave. The surface is vegetable oil.



148 x 78 x 169 cm hoch

Mattress: 70 x 140 cm


Pick up price = 340,- € (without mattress and slatter)                                                         




Foldable lounger H O L Z W U R M


Only the bed's name "woodworm" i old-fashioned. Besides, this bed proves timeless design along with robust quality from Southern Germany. Sit on it, lay on it, sleep on it - in a twinkling of an eye. This lounger makes all of this possible with a suitable topper, ensuring comfort, and remains stable when folded in upright position. With a dimension of 120x200 cm in solid core beech this fouldable lounger costs 890,-€. The suitable topper, e.g. Night and Day is available from 570,-€ in colored fabric. (For further information see the section natural latex mattresses.)



total width=mattress dimensions (120, 140 or 160 cm)

total length=mattress dimensions (190, 200 or 220cm)

height 35 cm




                                                Lounger without frame edges, integrated bed drawer.
                                                Available widths: 120, 140 and 160 cm.

                                                A choice of seven types of wood and three dyed nuances.


                                                The foldable lounger with a width of 140 cm in core beech is displayed in our shop.