Meditation, Shiatsu, Yoga



A traditional Japanese meditation cushion with 22 stretch folds. It is 33 cm in diameter and 16 cm, completely stuffed with about 1.25 kg of Kapok = 50,- Euro

Kapok, separately =  15,- Euro/1 Kg

Prolana Meditation Cushion


The small cushion with the stuffing spelt kbA (certified organic cultivation),
35 x 15 cm = 48,- Euro


Prolana High Meditation Cushion


The big cushion with spelt kbA (certified organic cultivation),
40 x 25 cm = 58,- Euro


Crescent-shaped Cushion


The small cushion is ideal for sitting and supporting, stuffed with spelt kbA (certified organic cultivation) 37 x 12 x 20 cm = 48,- Euro



During Zen meditation the zabuton serves as a base for the meditation cushion. Our zabuton is stuffed with three layers of organic new wool and equipped with a cotton cover (certified organic cultivation). Different colors available on advance order.

90 x 90 cm = 74,- Euro

Neck Roll


The neck roll may help you while sitting in meditation or in different yoga positions.

It is filled with spelt kbA (controlled organic farming)


40 x 13 cm = 17,- Euro

Shiatsu Mat



This mat is also well suited for meditation and yoga and last but not least usable as a guest mattress.
She is filled with sheep's wool kbA (certified organic farming) and horsehair.

80/90x200 100x200 120x200 140x200 160x200 180x200 200x200 220x200
230,- € 240,- € 270,- € 300,- € 330,- € 395,- € 415,- € 478,- €
253,- in color 266,- in color 300,- in color 335,- in color 370,- in color 439,- in color 464,- in color 532,- in color