Natural mattresses for babies, children and teenagers


are generally made from pollutant-tested natural materials. Our sheep wool is GOTS certified and the covers are made of IVN Best Certified cotton.


All prices are pickup prices and are in Euro including 19% VAT.

Baby / Child Mattress - Kifu1 (total height approx. 5cm)


Composition: sheep wool 500g / qm, 3cm latexed coconut core.Organic cotton cover (not removable).

The simple, very first mattress supports straight spine growth. For the cradle or baby-bed.

30x50 cm 40x80cm 40x80cm oval 60x100cm 60x120cm 70x140cm
43,-€ 47,-€ 65,-€ 70,-€ 80,-€ 92,-€

Baby / Child Mattress - Kifu2 (total height ca. 8cm)


Composition: sheep wool 500g / qm, 6cm latexed coconut core.

Slimming and washable cotton cover.

Higher mattress, but still a firm lie to support straight spine growth.

60x120cm 70x140cm 80-90x200cm 120x200cm
130,-€ 140,-€ 260,-€ 320,-€

Child Mattress - Kifu3 (total height about 9cm)


Composition: sheep wool 500g / qm, 4cm natural latex, 3cm latexed coconut.

With removable and washable cotton cover.

You may sleep on both sides, one for firm and the other for softer lying. In 200cm length usable

from 0 to puberty (and beyond ...).

60x120cm 70x140cm 80-90x200cm 120x200cm 140x200cm
155,-€ 190,-€ 315,-€ 400,-€ 455,-€