At Futomania we offer a great choice of bed linen in best organic quality (certified organic cultivation). For example, bed linen by Cotonea with cotton cultivated in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan, produced organically and fair. Cotonea holds the IVN Best certificate, the worldwide highest label for textile products.


With our duvets made out of natural materials such as sheep wool, cotton, wild silk and camel hair fluff you have a pleasant feeling close to nature. Just try it out in our shop.


Our pillows and cushions are stuffed with natural rubber, for example our neck-supporting pillow, or stuffed with spelt or millet husks. Also pillows out of sheep wool or cotton are part of our assortment. Of course, all our pillows can be tried out at our shop.


Surely, the fully stuffed spelt pillows and crescent-shaped cushions in vibrant colors can be    tested. These pillows miraculously easen tension in the neck area.